If you’re within the welding profession or have been fascinated with it, TIG and MIG should have precipitated you confusion in some unspecified time in the future. These two have some slight variations which set them other than one another.

For a few years, TIG welding has been utilized by welders to weld thinner sheets that can’t be executed utilizing MIG welding.So let’s deep dive into TIG welding, the way it works, what precept it follows, and what execs and cons it has.

What Do You Perceive By TIG Welding Course of?

TIG Welding or (Tungsten Inert Fuel) generally referred to as GTAW ( Fuel Tungsten Arc Welding), is finished utilizing a non-consumable Tungsten Electrode, and the metallic items onto the work should be executed. Welding is finished by heating it by inserting an arc between the tungsten electrode and the Steel piece.Throughout this course of, Shielding fuel is utilized to forestall any type of atmospheric contamination. Typically filler metals are utilized by some welders, and never in some instances.

Crucial variables utilized in TIG welding embody Arc Voltage, Welding Present (might be AC or DC), Journey pace, and Shielding fuel (principally argon and typically argon mixed with helium) to forestall contamination. As soon as the welding course of is finished, the puddle is cooled down with the assistance of inert fuel to forestall any possibilities of injury or accidents.

Working Precept Of TIG Welding

TIG Welding works on the essential precept of melting the metallic when an arc is handed between the Electrode and the workpiece. It’s then joined when the puddle pops up.

It’s usually stuffed with some filler metals, this manner the weld has comparable properties as the bottom metallic. The filler metallic is stuffed with the opposite hand holding the torch in a single hand.

After becoming a member of this, the Shielding fuel is sprayed to forestall any contaminations.

Foremost Items Of Gear For TIG Welding

It’s good to have some items of kit in hand to hold TIG welding to forestall your self from hurt and accidents. It requires quite a lot of useful items of kit which are listed beneath.

  • Auto-Darkening Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Welder
  • Tig Goggles
  • Jacket
  • Tungsten
  • The Fuel Tank
  • Rods, Grinders, and Sander

1. Auto-Darkening Helmet

Helmets are at all times important for Welding. There are two sorts of it: Handbook Helmets and Auto-Darkening Helmets. Each forestall Burns and bruises, however the second is really useful because it has extra superior options. However you need to use Handbook for those who can’t afford Auto-darkening in the intervening time.

2. Gloves

Gloves are at all times chosen on the character of your challenge. The market gives numerous kinds of Gloves, together with goatskin, flame-resistant, and Cowhide. You have to select gloves in accordance with your wants, however goatskin gloves are really useful as a result of they’re versatile and light-weight.

3. Welder

Welders are additionally of assorted sorts, however probably the most really useful is the 3-in-1 Sort as they’re excellent to carry out small-size duties to complicated jobs.

4. Tig Goggles

Tig Goggles forestall you from dangerous radiations that trigger a deliberate response within the eyes. Easy Tig Goggles work for small tasks, however you want Shading lenses if working with massive tasks.

5. The Jacket

The jackets are available in the identical material as Gloves. In goatskin, cowhide, or flame-resistant materials. Right here the flame is really useful to guard from any burning Results.

6. Tungsten

The rods are current within the TIG welders for the torch. They’re consumed whereas welding, so you want to purchase extra if it’s a must to work for a protracted interval.

7. The Fuel Tank

A fuel Tank is required to fill the shielding fuel. It may be argon or argon combined with Helium. When you don’t wish to purchase a tank, you may lease it for some interval.

8. Rods, Grinders, and Sander

Grinders are important for the sharpening of tungsten. You should utilize a bench grinder with a sander to do the identical job.

The filler metallic rod have to be of the identical measurement because the workpiece.

Working On The TIG Welding

We’ve given you a sneak peek at how tig welding works however now let’s have a deep dive into it.

Tungsten has a really excessive melting level than any of the opposite metals like Metal. So it will possibly bear a really excessive temperature with out melting and getting consumed within the course of. Furthermore, when tungsten is heated, the emission of the electron is enhanced which helps within the manufacturing of sharp and robust Arcs.

To start out the TIG Course of, the torch and the shielding fuel Sources are hooked up to the fixed energy provide to provide a steady movement.

The arc is produced between the tungsten electrodes and the metallic piece to be joined.

Now the filler metallic piece is positioned between them and heated. It melts down and fills the cavity in between the workpiece and the metallic to make the robust weld. (Some welders don’t use the filler metallic, however filler metallic is really useful).

Because the weld began, shielding fuel (Ar or He) began spreading over the weld space to guard it from environmental results and contaminations.

The TIG welding course of calls for excessive operation g because the welder has to make use of each of his fingers on this princess. One hand to carry the torch and the opposite to pour the filler metallic rod concurrently.

What Is Tig Welding Used For?

TIG welding is generally used for the welding of thinner metallic sheets. Though it may be used for welding any type of metallic, welders favor it as it’s so clear and fantastically executed with not a lot mess. Its magnificence is that every one the metals might be welded with it. The TIG weld Seems of superior high quality with superb penetration. It has lengthy prevention from corrosion.


  • This course of is much less harmful due to the decreased manufacturing of fumes, sparks, and burns.
  • On account of much less emission of fumes, it gives lots of visibility to the broader.
  • It helps within the welding of all types of metals, however chrome steel like Al, Cu, and Mg alloys might be fantastically welded with it.
  • It’s extra in demand due to the exact welding of skinny metallic sheets.
  • They’ve an enormous capability to forestall corrosion.
  • It provides higher management over the weld as each of the fingers are working.
  • It gives welding with precision and cleanness.
  • You may take care of it in any place.


  • This course of can’t be executed by a easy welder. Full and complete studying is required.
  • It’s a gradual course of lowering the productiveness charge.
  • It could possibly’t be executed in anywhere.
  • A small imperfection within the settings of the TIG welder can have an effect on the output.
  • Shielding fuel spreads within the atmosphere if executed in an open area.
  • TIG welding is pricey.


We’ve coated probably the most important fundamentals of TIG welding, its execs, and Cons. TIG is thought for its precision, neatness, and cleanliness. Nevertheless it requires you to be an knowledgeable; it’s a must to do it your self. A d causes you lots of expense.

In case you have any questions, allow us to reply them by leaving them within the remark part.

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