Episode 2 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power expands the already broad world of Center-earth. This time: Elrond might be seeing you in all of the previous acquainted locations, as they are saying, and Galadriel needs she’d packed a pool noodle. Should you missed episode 1’s recap, you could find it right here. 

In any other case, let’s dig right into a full recap of episode 2.


Galadriel adrift

SUNDERING SEA – After we left off, Galadriel had simply jumped off a ship headed for Valinor. In episode 2, she’s nonetheless within the Sundering Sea. Personally, I’d have drowned, however good for her. She comes upon a makeshift raft with some people who’ve clearly been by means of it. They argue about whether or not to let her aboard after which subsequently freak out after they see she’s an elf. 

Then, they assume they see one other ship within the distance. Shock! It is truly the wreckage of their ship caught to the enormous sea worm factor that smashed it within the first place, and it is headed straight for them. One nautical tussle later, Galadriel is again within the water, and the one different survivor is a man who managed to interrupt away from the others on a good smaller, much less confidence-inspiring raft. His identify is Halbrand and like Arondir, he is a brand new character who does not come from Tolkein’s works. It is fantastic, OK? 

Each are suspicious of one another, but it surely lastly comes out that Halbrand was chased off from his homeland by orcs. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional blares loudly, however solely in my mind. She desires to know the whole lot. She desires to go there and do one thing about it, heaven forbid, and even this lately un-homed man joins the refrain of, “are you able to please simply let this go?”

That evening there is a dangerous storm and Galadriel goes again within the water. This time, she’s tied to a plank and another crap and sinking quick. What’s not OK, is Halbrand sitting on the raft debating whether or not to assist her or not as she plummets all the way down to Davy Jones’ locker. He does save her, although, and the subsequent day again on the raft, Galadriel wakes up momentarily to see the silhouette of a man on a ship towards the solar trying down at them. 

Of orcs and males

SOUTHLANDS – Upon additional exploration of what was once Bronwyn’s hometown, she and Arondir uncover one thing disconcerting within the ruins of one of many homes: Orcs have been digging tunnels. She runs again to Tirharad to warn the others and Arondir decides to go underground alone like the strict, long-suffering elf he’s. 

On the pub, the previous man with the unsanitary philosophy on the craft of butchering desires to downplay what is clearly a nasty factor about to worsen. 

“I am not involving the elves on account of sinkhole,” he says.

Again at Bronwyn’s home, her son Theo retains considering he is listening to mice beneath the floorboards. My candy summer season youngster. It isn’t mice. He hacks a gap within the boards and finds a creepy, milky eye staring again at him.

Bronwyn, in the meantime, is racing again to her home. When she arrives, it’s trashed and that gap within the flooring is even larger. Theo is hiding in a compartment within the wall, and she or he dips into a cabinet as an orc surfaces. Inevitably, if finds her. They’ve a throw down. Bronwyn slams the decapitated head of the orc on the pub counter and is all sinkhole my foot. VINDICATED I AM… sorry. Anyway. 

The city plans to go away within the morning for the watch tower. Earlier than departing, Theo handles that sketchy sword with the sigil from the earlier episode once more. Some blood from a lower on his hand begins touring towards the sword as if drawn magnetically, and the sword begins smoking and reforging itself, which isn’t comforting. 

Elsewhere underground, Arondir is crawling across the tunnels in a way that makes my palms clammy. They’re slender, dusty, and my dude isn’t alone down there. He falls down into some type of subterranean physique of water (why is there a lot swimming on this present?) and drags himself onto the financial institution, the place he backs himself towards a wall whereas eyeing probably the most menacing set of bubbles since that factor with tentacles virtually turned Frodo into sushi at Moria. 

Seems the bubbles aren’t the issue. One thing grabs him from behind and we do not see him once more the remainder of the episode. 

Do not be a stranger

RHOVANION – In the meantime on the crater, Nori continues to be puzzling over the previous dude when her pal Poppy pops up with some dangerous vibes. Nori and Poppy begin bickering about what to do with him. In doing so, Poppy by accident knocks Nori down into the crater. Fortunately, Nori does not appear to be the kind of individual to sue a buddy, and it seems the fireplace is not sizzling. She takes the well mannered method and pokes the Stranger within the face. 

The Stranger wakes up and begins bellowing. No matter his powers are, he can fire up a wind storm and levitate rocks. Think about what this man may do after a chilly brew. The flames exit, he collapses, they usually reignite. In his protection, I do not wish to be woken up, both. 

Again at camp, Sadoc is strolling round, not digging no matter celestial shenanigans is perhaps afoot. 

“This doesn’t bode effectively,” he says, in what is unquestionably the Star Wars-to-LOTR translation of “I’ve obtained a nasty feeling about this.”

Nori and Poppy load the stranger in a wheelbarrow/cart deal and begin speaking about what he’s. He is not a person and he isn’t an elf. That does not go away many different choices.

Personally, I believe he is a wizard. Positive, that ilk would not have been round within the Second Age, however that is Hollywood, child. 

Whereas Poppy and Nori skirmish, the carts rolls downhill in what is not probably the most authentic gag however continues to be type of humorous. Nobody sprains something, and Nori and Poppy make the Stranger a bit of fort so he can sleep off no matter he must sleep off. Huge shock: They’re nonetheless gripping at one another and Nori has to clarify that she seems like all this occurred for a purpose and she or he wants to verify this man is secure. Poppy lastly chills. Nori, very like Galadriel, must get some extra supportive pals. 

Harfoot Nori at night with a glowing lantern.

Nori together with her firefly lantern.

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The subsequent day, the Stranger has crawled out of the fort, seemingly questioning what sort of crappy Airbnb he booked. He screams upon seeing Nori and a windstorm kicks up once more, however she calms him down. The vibes are Natasha Romanoff and the Hulk. HEY BIG GUY. THE SUN’S GETTING REAL LOW. 

what actually calms the savage beast, although? Uncomfortably massive snails. She’s obtained tons of them and he is all yessss, protein as he shoves handfuls in his mouth, shell and all. In addition they begin making an attempt to speak with one another however haven’t got a lot success. 

Whereas Nori’s gone, although, the camp is establishing for a pageant and her father snaps his ankle — or one thing of that nature making an attempt to erect a pole. 

That evening, Nori and Poppy go to the stranger. Nori tells him the Harfoots are packing up and leaving in just a few days. He zeros in on their lanterns, that are powered by fireflies, and in a second harking back to Gandalf whispering to the moth on the Orthanc in Isengard, he will get the little critters to kind what seems to be like a constellation of stars. Nori interprets this to imply he wants assist discovering these stars. However as soon as once more, he collapses. And alarmingly, the fireflies fall to the bottom and die. Minus 10 factors for killing fireflies, Amazon. 

Elrond, underground

EREGION – Elrond is within the fantastic and swanky chambers of Celebrimbor the elven smith. He takes a minute to admire Fëanor’s hammer, which is on show. If you do not know who that’s, it is fantastic. He is so much to clarify and you may get full particulars within the Silmarillion. In brief he was an elven king who was a little bit of a insurgent and a malcontent, however he additionally made these jewels known as the Silmarils which captured the sunshine of these two tremendous vital timber in Valinor we noticed within the final episode. The Silmarils are licensed huge deal. The primary darkish lord Morgoth stole them, which was impolite. 

Celebrimbor tells a narrative about how Morgoth stared on the stones and noticed his personal ugly reflection in them and actually, I’ll want a supply on that one, bro. Was he there? Vet your sources, my pals.


Princess Disa will get Durin to relax out.

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In any case, Celebrimbor desires to construct an enormous tower that may home a forge for the aim of constructing cool vital stuff, that may completely and by no means find yourself being a nasty concept. He desires it accomplished by Spring, which is a good deadline, to say the least, and Elrond suggests outsourcing the work. 

So, they mosey on over to Khazad-dûm, the dwarven kingdom we noticed in The Fellowship of the Ring. Right here, there is a little bit of a callback to the film. Elrond is speaking up Khazad-dûm and the way his pal Prince Durin IV goes to do it up after they arrive. Tables full of salted pork! Elrond says. 

Mmm. Salted pork.

In fact, they arrive on the door and the dwarf on the entrance tells them to scram. After some back-and-forth, Elrond invokes the appropriate of Sigin-tarâg which principally implies that as a substitute of being direct and speaking about their emotions, Durin and Elrond are going to separate boulders till one in all them cries “uncle.”

Earlier than we get to all that, although. A minute for Khazad-dûm, which is vigorous as hell, replete with greenery and lightweight and Balrog-free. 

Anyway, Elrond finally forfeits the rock-busting competitors and on the way in which out, lastly will get Durin to inform him why he is pissed. And BOY is he pissed.

“YOU MISSED MY WEDDING! THE BIRTH OF MY CHILDREN!” Belief me, the caps are warranted right here. Elrond’s been gone 20 years, and now he is again with a tremendous enterprise alternative. 

Hear me out: Elrond is your buddy from highschool who messages you out of nowhere and needs you to #GirlBoss your method to an empire promoting monogrammed tote luggage.

Durin has to clarify that 20 years may not be a lot to an elf, however to a dwarf, it is a long-ass time to go away your buddy on learn. 

Elrond apologizes, however he is additionally artful and asks to apologize to Durin’s spouse, Princess Disa. 

The subsequent half right here is sort of a home comedy the place Disa and Durin argue about whether or not Elrond is staying for dinner and she or he chastises them for being petty with one another. We get the pleasant exclamation, “Aulë’s beard!” (Aulë is the Vala who created the dwarves so it is cute.)

Disa is pleasant and finally wears Durin down to listen to Elrond’s proposal by means of sheer sentimentality. 

Later, Durin goes to speak to his dad, King Durin III, about why Elrond turned up. Durin’s dad floats the concept of whether or not Elrond is hip to what they’re hiding down in Khazad-dûm. He opens a field. We do not see what’s inside – it is very brief-case-in-Pulp-Fiction vibes – however no matter it’s, it is glowing. 

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