SHENMAO America, Inc. continues to innovate new solder pastes and is happy to introduce its latest providing: PF735-EP307 Joint Enhanced Solder Paste (JEP). The brand new low melting level epoxy-based solder materials has been developed for terribly fine-pitch or nice pad soldering, particularly superior show meeting.

JEP has the benefits of standard solder paste and anisotropic conductive paste, i.e., self-alignment and planar insulation, respectively. The epoxy is cured after reflow and gives wonderful bonding power and joint safety. Reliability efficiency is enhanced as nicely. PF735-EP307 solder paste adopts the newly designed epoxy-based flux that performs higher with regard to printability, longer printing lifetime and higher reliability than typical epoxy-based solder pastes.

With the low melting level alloy PF735, the brand new solder paste can scale back the reflow temperature to beneath 190°C in comparison with lead-free soldering, sometimes 240°-250°C, and therefore lower PCB and substrate deformation whereas saving power, decreasing the thermal stability requirement of PCBs and elements, and elevating yield charges.

 PF735-EP307 is halogen-free (REL0) and complies with RoHS. RoHS and REACH. The no-clean paste is relevant to varied floor finishes and has a transparent flux residue. It’s appropriate for fine-pitch purposes and numerous IC packages, reminiscent of system-in-package (SIP), wafer-level-package (WLP) and flip chip.


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