McDonald’s Halloween pails, aka Boo Buckets, are back for Halloween. What the heck are they, you ask? They’re merely plastic trick-or-treat pails in three designs that change the standard paper Comfortable Meal containers McDonald’s makes use of to serve up its children’ meals. 

The fast-food chain first launched the pails in 1986 and have supplied them on and off, with loads of modifications, since then. Their return would not seem to be an enormous deal, besides that plenty of individuals are feeling nostalgic about their return, and the anticipation for them dominated social media because the pails’ arrival neared.

They’re now accessible at collaborating McDonald’s throughout the US, and I ordered one (uh, actually two) to have a look.

McDonald’s Boo Bucket: My overview

I ordered two Comfortable Meals on the McDonald’s app and picked them up within the drive-thru at my native McD’s. The app let me select between a four-piece serving of Hen McNuggets, a six-piece Hen McNuggets serving, or a hamburger (you’ll be able to improve to a cheeseburger). The meal comes with a kid-size order of fries, and also you then select between additional fries or apple slices, and choose a drink. On the finish of my order, the app requested me what sort of toy I needed, and let me select between “Halloween pails,” “toddler toy” or “no thanks.” (WHO WOULD DECLINE A TOY?) 

Spoiler: I picked “Halloween pails.”


You possibly can select between Hen McNuggets or a hamburger or cheeseburger for the Comfortable Meal entree.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

The Halloween pails themselves are just about what you’d count on — plastic deal with pails which can be actually too small to carry a child’s Halloween sweet haul except they are a toddler. However they’re cute nonetheless. 

There are three varieties, however my McDonald’s had solely the white McBoo ghost-faced pail on day one of many promotion. (Prior to now, the white pails have been glow-in-the-dark, however I examined mine and it wasn’t.) I requested when my McDonald’s could be getting the opposite two colours — orange McPunk’n and inexperienced witchy McGoblin — however the staff did not know. I might guess every restaurant ultimately could get all three colours, however relying on demand, it looks as if a crapshoot as to which one they hand out when.

Prior to now, the buckets have generally include plastic lids you’ll be able to placed on and take off, and generally the lids have even featured built-in cookie cutters. Not this yr. As an alternative of a lid, there’s … sort of a pretend lid, that means a bit of plastic resembling a pumpkin high arches between the 2 spots the place the bucket’s deal with attaches to the bucket. It is cute however will possible break 5 seconds after a child begins trick-or-treating. Additionally, as a Minnesotan, I believe the white pumpkin high design seems just like the now-demolished Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.


Listed below are the McDonald’s Boo Buckets with the sticker sheet high in place.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

The meals in your Boo Bucket is roofed with what seems like a spherical piece of paper, which seems to have Halloween stickers. My two Comfortable Meals got here with the identical McBoo ghost bucket and the identical sticker sheet. The sticker sheet has drawings of skeletons on one aspect and (principally) pirate-themed stickers you’ll be able to peel off and use to “costume” the skeletons on the opposite aspect.


Listed below are the 2 sticker sheets I acquired with the McDonald’s Boo Buckets. 

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

These Comfortable Meals do not include extra toys. The bucket is the toy. However McDonald’s new adult Happy Meals do include toys — traditional McDonald’s figures, plus one new character, all of whom haven’t two however 4 eyes. (My McDonald’s is offered out of these. One thing tells me Ronald and buddies have hit on a moneymaking oil effectively right here, and I count on to see extra grownup Comfortable Meals sooner or later.)

I give McDonald’s Boo Buckets a strong B+ as a promotion. The three completely different colours and faces are cute, and I completely perceive why they could promote just one number of bucket at a time. Think about the poor frazzled clerk who has to take orders when little Liam needs a ghost, however Maddy needs a witch, and in the meantime, nobody needs the pumpkin, and the orange buckets are piling up within the inventory room subsequent to 800 gallons of ketchup. You get what you get, and you aren’t getting upset, as they are saying in daycare.

I might’ve graded the promotion increased if every bucket had an precise plastic high as a substitute of a bit of paper and the fake high, however stickers are a superb comfort prize, and sort of like a toy.  

I am not grading the meals. It is McDonald’s. You recognize what it’s.

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