King Viserys lastly handed away in episode 9 of Home of the Dragon, however Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen did not discover out about it. Not solely did Viserys die, however Otto Hightower noticed to it {that a} new king be topped in Aegon Targaryen II — once more, all unbeknownst to Rhaenyra and Daemon. They realized of those bombshells in Sunday’s fiery Home of the Dragon season 1 finale, which noticed the primary dragon battle of the Targaryen civil warfare.

Although Rhaenyra finds out in regards to the Hightowers’ treachery early within the episode, she’s reluctant to plunge the realm into warfare. Like Alicent within the earlier episode, she desires to discover a peaceable answer. Daemon would not share her pacifist instincts.

Home of the Dragon has been renewed for a second season, although we do not but know when that’ll hit. Hopefully the wait is not lengthy, because the finale will get you aching for the civil warfare often known as the Dance of the Dragons. For the ultimate time this 12 months: Home of the Dragon spoilers beneath.

Ignorance is bliss

We start this week in Dragonstone, which hasn’t but gotten phrase of King Viserys’ dying. Lucerys Targaryen is anxious about his being appointed Lord of Driftmark: Lord Corlys was the world’s biggest sailor, however Lucerys says he will get seasick earlier than the ship even leaves the harbor. “I might damage every thing!” he exclaims to his mom Rhaenyra.

Rhaenyra, who’s closely pregnant, calms him down. She talks about how she wasn’t able to be queen when she was named inheritor, however that in time she’s earned her inheritance. Rhaenyra, for the final second, is blissfully unaware that Aegon is sitting on the throne. That bliss is shattered by Princess Rhaenyra’s arrival at Dragonstone.

Standing in Dragonstone’s corridor with Daemon and a crew of troopers, Princess Rhaenys turns into the bearer of unhealthy information.

“Viserys is lifeless. I grieve this loss with you, Rhaenyra. My cousin, your father, possessed a sort coronary heart,” she says. “There’s extra. Aegon has been topped as his successor.”


Lucerys and Rhaenyra Targaryen.


Rhaenyra is shocked, however Daemon appears to be like much more so. He asks how the king died, and Rhaenyra says she would not know. Daemon instantly accuses Alicent of murdering the king.

When Rhaenys reveals she was locked up as a prisoner however managed to flee on her dragon Meleys, Daemon raises the query on many viewers’ minds final week: Why did not Rhaenys simply burn all of them? “That whore of a queen murdered my brother and stole his throne, and you would have burned all of them for it,” he says.

“A warfare is more likely to be fought over this treachery for positive, however that warfare just isn’t mine to start,” Rhaenys replies.

The Queen Who By no means Was provides that “the greens,” King Aemon’s supporters, are coming for Rhaenys and her kids. It is at this inopportune second that Rhaenys goes into labor. I do not even bear in mind her being pregnant two episodes in the past, however issues transfer quick in Home of the Dragon.

A maester says Rhaenyra is not close to the top of her time period, that the beginning should not be occurring. As Rhaenyra goes into labor, Daemon instructions their troops in Dragonstone’s nice corridor. Rhaenyra’s cries and bellows might be heard clearly. It is a full circle second from episode 1, when Queen Aemma instructed Rhaenyra that childbirth is a girl’s battlefield.

Rhaenys brings Lucerys and Jacaerys to Rhaenyra. In the midst of labor, she tells the children that their grandsire is lifeless, that Aegon has been topped king. Daemon, she says, is off plotting “his” warfare. “No matter declare stays to me, you at the moment are its inheritor,” Rhaenyra says to Jacaerys. “Naught is to be executed however by my command.”

At that second, Daemon is strategizing with their warfare council. He says they’re going to want the lords of Westeros to again Rhaenyra’s declare in the event that they’re to win the warfare. Simply as Daemon declares he’ll fly to the Riverlands to affirm Home Tully’s help, Jacaerys storms in and says no motion shall be taken whereas Rhaenyra’s out.


Ser Erryk presents Viserys’ crown to Rhaenyra.


Daemon instructs the maesters to ship ravens to numerous homes demanding their help, and tells Jacaerys to observe him. They go outdoors Dragonstone citadel. Daemon stands atop a hill with two Kingsguard knights beneath — fairly apparent the place that is going. He asks who they’re loyal to, which monarch they acknowledge, and offers them a selection. Out comes his dragon, roaring into the gap. Both they’ll pledge their lives to Queen Rhaenyra or they’ll die honorably proper now.

Whereas Daemon provides Kingsguard knights the shakedown, Rhaenyra’s supply culminates with a stillborn fetus. It is a traumatic scene, with numerous anguish and tons of gushing blood. We get a montage of Rhaenyra grieving over the kid amid a funeral ceremony, whereas Daemon walks a seashore and plunges his sword within the sand.

Similar to with Baelor within the first episode, there is a pyre ceremony to see the kid off. It is interrupted by Ser Erryk, the knight who defected from the Hightowers final episode by serving to Rhaenys escape. He swears fealty to Queen Rhaenyra. Better of all, he introduced with him Viserys’ crown.

Daemon locations it on her head and kneels, main everybody in attendance to do the identical — apart from Rhaenys (and the guards on obligation). She solely appears to be like on proudly.


Daemon bows to the queen.


Aegon’s pesky prophecy

After the heart-wrenching first 20 minutes, through which Rhaenyra birthed and grieved for a stillborn little one, everybody proceeds as if nothing occurred in any respect. Donning her new crown, Rhaenyra and her group encompass Dragonstone’s Painted Desk and begin planning for a battle.

They’ve sufficient assets to defend Dragonstone, however not sufficient to beat King’s Touchdown. This results in a dialogue of which homes they’ll get to align with them. The Arryns, the Tullys and Lord Grover are all talked about.

“What of Storm’s Finish and Winterfell?” one of many council says. “There has by no means been a Stark who forgot an oath, and with Home Stark the North will observe.”

Lord Corlys, who seems to be making a restoration, is crusing to Dragonstone, Rhaenys reveals.


Daemon and Rhaenyra’s kids on the Painted Desk.


Everybody agrees the Lannisters shall be no assist, that they are firmly on group Hightower. It is prompt that they do not even hassle amassing males and as a substitute scorch King’s Touchdown with dragonfire. As they argue over whether or not they have sufficient dragons to tug that off, Otto Hightower and a delegation from the capital arrive in Driftmark. They meet him on the identical bridge the place Rhaenyra confronted Daemon years in the past.

“Princess Rhaenyra,” Hightower begins, however Rhaenyra cuts him off.

“I am Queen Rhaenyra now, and you might be all traitors to the realm.”

Hightower lays out his supply. If Rhaenyra and Daemon bend the knee to Aegon, the king will affirm their possession of Dragonstone. Jacaerys will change into inheritor to Dragonstone, and Lucerys will preserve his declare to Driftmark. Daemon and Rhaenyra’s kids shall be given locations of honor within the king’s courtroom.

“I’d reasonably feed my sons to the dragons than have them carry shields and cups to your drunken, usurper cunt of a king,” Daemon says.


Daemon reacts to Otto Hightower’s phrases.


Hightower says they do not have sufficient males to take King’s Touchdown, and that the Starks, Tullys and Baratheons are being given beneficiant phrases to hitch the inexperienced trigger as they communicate.

“Stale oaths is not going to put you on the Iron Throne, Princess. The succession modified the day your father sired a son,” Hightower says. He additionally presents a present from Queen Alicent: A page from the history book they had been studying collectively all the way in which again in episode 1. The queen remembers fondly their shut friendship, Hightower says, and needs it to proceed.

Daemon suggests warfare, and unsheathes his sword to kill Hightower proper then and there. Rhaenyra stops him, and says that King’s Touchdown may have her reply tomorrow.

Again inside Dragonstone’s corridor, Daemon reprimands the queen. They’ve extra dragons, he says. They’ll win a warfare.

“Viserys spoke usually of the Valerian histories, I do know them properly,” Rhaenyra says, defending her resolution. “When dragons flew to warfare, every thing burned. I don’t want to rule over a kingdom of ash and bone… as Queen, what’s my true obligation to the realm? Guaranteeing peace and unity or that I sit the Iron Throne irrespective of the fee?”

“That is your father speaking,” Daemon shoots again. “The enemy have declared warfare. What are you going to do about it?”

Daemon shouts that final bit, which does not please the queen. She orders everybody to go away the room. Rhaenyra and Daemon argue about warfare — she says she’s not going to start out a warfare simply because the Hightowers have angered her — and says her oath reaches past their private ambitions.

She mentions Aegon’s Song of Ice and Fire, the approaching warfare in opposition to the darkness within the north. Daemon is confused. Simply as Rhaenyra begins to clarify Viserys shared the prophecy along with her, Daemon grabs her by the neck.

“My brother was a slave to his omens and portents, something to make his feckless reign seem to have function. Desires did not make us kings, dragons did.”

Lord of the Tides

We minimize to Lord Corlys Velaryon waking up from a deep sleep. He is now in Dragonstone, and on the street to restoration — however he is not out of bother.

“You deserted me,” says Rhaenys, who’s been sitting by his bedside. “After I most wanted you. Each our youngsters stolen from us, I wanted you. Baela and Rhaena wanted you, and also you deserted us for extra journey at sea, as has all the time been your means.”

Extra unhealthy information: Rhaenys informs Corlys that his brother Vaemond is lifeless. Vaemond, she tells him, denounced Laenor’s sons as illegitimate in entrance of King Viserys, main Daemon to take Vaemond’s head.

“Heedless ambition has all the time been a Velaryon weak point, you had been proper Rhaenys. I reached too far, and for nothing. Our pursuit of the Iron Throne is at an finish. We will declare for nobody, we’ll return to Excessive Tide to be content material with our grandchildren.”


Lord Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys Targaryen.


Rhaenys factors out that Jacaerys, Lucerys and Joffrey are claimants to the throne, that they will not be protected so long as Aegon is king. Corlys would not need to support Rhaenyra’s declare, nonetheless, saying she was complicit of their son’s dying.

“That lady destroys every thing she touches,” he fumes.

“That lady is holding the realm collectively at current,” Rhaenys shoots again. “Each man standing across the Painted Desk urges her to plunge the realm into warfare. Rhaenyra is the one one who’s demonstrated restraint.”

As these males bicker round Rhaenyra, a recovered Corlys and Rhaenys enter Dragonstone’s corridor.

“Your father’s realm was one among justice and honor,” he says to Rhaenyra. Our homes are certain by widespread blood and customary trigger. This Hightower treason can not stand. You will have the total help of our fleet and home, your grace.”

Rhaenyra thanks Lord Corlys, however says she made a promise to Viserys to carry the realm robust and united. Corlys is incredulous at Rhaenyra’s warning, however would not protest. As a substitute, he has a shock reward for Rhaenyra’s trigger.

“The consequence of my close to demise within the Stepstones is that we now management them. I took care to totally garrison the territory this time… the Triarchy have been routed, the slim sea is ours. If we additional seal the gullet, we are able to minimize off all seaborne journey and commerce to King’s Touchdown.”

Rhaenys says she’ll take Meleys and patrol the gullet herself. That may enable them to encompass King’s Touchdown and procure a give up. Now all they want is help from Winterfell, the Eyrie and Storm’s Finish.

Jacaerys suggests he and Lucerys trip their dragons to these locales to allow them to petition Westeros’ lords. It is agreed upon: Jacaerys will fly north to the Eyrie after which to Winterfell. Lucerys will fly south to Storm’s Finish.

“We should remind these Lord’s of the oaths they swore. And the price of breaking them.”

As she bids her sons adieu, Rhaenyra assures Lucerys that Borros Baratheon is a proud man who can be honored to host a prince and his dragon. That assertion turned out to be sadly true.


Daemon on a dragon taming mission.


The primary dance

Daemon was conspicuous by his absence within the previous scenes. We see him subsequent traipsing by means of a cave, singing a music in Valyrian. It is pitch black, till dragonfire erupts. Daemon had talked about earlier that there have been some free dragons that hadn’t but been bonded to any rider. Appears like Daemon is on a recruitment mission.

In the meantime, Lucerys flies into Storm’s Finish on his dragon Arrax. When he will get there, nonetheless, he sees a a lot, a lot bigger dragon is already parked outdoors the citadel. The guards escort him inside, the place he is greeted by Borros Baratheon — and Aemond Targaryen. Lucerys is not the one one courting Westerosi lords.

“Lord Borros, I introduced you a message from my mom, the queen,” Lucerys says.


Borros Baratheon.


“But earlier at the present time I acquired an envoy from the king. Which is it? King or queen? The home of the dragon doesn’t appear to know who guidelines it. What’s your mom’s message?”

Baratheon yells for a maester to return learn Rhaenyra’s message. All of the whereas, Aemond is staring down Lucerys with an unnerving smirk.

Baratheon would not take Rhaenyra’s reminder of Home Baratheon’s oath. Aemond not less than got here with a proposal that concerned wedding ceremony the 2 homes — would Lucerys match it? Lucerys says he cannot, as he is not free to marry.

“So that you include empty fingers… Go residence, pup, and inform your mom that the lord of Storm’s Finish just isn’t some canine that she will whistle up at have to set in opposition to her foes.”

Lucerys says he’ll take that reply to the queen and retreats, however he is stopped by Aemond.


Aemond Targaryen.


“Wait, my Lord Sturdy. Did you actually assume you would simply fly in regards to the realm making an attempt to steal my brother’s throne without charge?”

Aemond says it is time Lucerys takes out a watch as cost for the one Lucerys took from him these years in the past. Aemond advances on Lucerys, however Lord Baratheon stops him and says no blood shall be spilled underneath his roof.

Lucerys runs off to his dragon. An intense thunderstorm has kicked off. A panicked Lucerys tells Arrax to remain calm, and to fly into the storm.

After all, they’re chased by Aemond and his gigantic dragon, Vhagar. It is a thrilling scene. It is the primary time within the present that dragons have been pitted in opposition to each other. Lucerys tries to flee, and briefly manages to elude Aemond. However Arrax has a thoughts of his personal, and in opposition to Lucerys’ want, spits dragonfire at Vhagar.

That incenses Vhagar. Aemond loses management as his beast whips into motion. Lucerys briefly flies above the storm, above the clouds. It is serene. Vhagar seems from beneath and crunches Arrax in half. Lucerys is lifeless. Aemond often has a peaceful expression, however he is acquired dread in his eyes as he realizes what he is executed.

Within the last moments of the episode, Daemon walks into Dragonstone’s corridor and tells Rhaenyra what occurred. We do not hear what he says, however we see the expression on her face. Battle is right here.

Main takeaways

Home of the Dragon’s first season did not finish with an enormous revelation or perhaps a important shock — Lucerys Targaryen would be the son of Rhaenyra, however he is hardly a serious character. However his dying being the precursor to battle, the ultimate blow to Rhaenyra’s reluctance for warfare, was a tantalizing second. Now we’ve got to do the toughest factor: Wait.

One of many greatest questions going into Home of the Dragon was how a lot floor it will cowl: Wouldn’t it be a one-season affair, or kick off a present that runs so long as Sport of Thrones? Regardless of time jumps that closed 20 years between the present beginning and ending, it actually seems Home of the Dragon may have a long term. Home of the Dragon is all in regards to the fall of the Targaryens however, one season in, we have not even seen an official declaration of warfare.

It will be an extended journey forward. Home of the Dragon’s first season was a great begin.

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