This story is part of Welcome to Mars, our series exploring the red planet.

Daffy, is that you just?

We’ve got but to seek out microbes on Mars, a lot much less full-size animals, however we have positive discovered quite a lot of rocks that remind us of creatures from house. We will now welcome a darling duck-shaped rock seen by NASA’s Curiosity rover to associate with earlier finds of a fish, a cat, and a butt.

The rover initially snapped the rock in late October with its mast-mounted digital camera. We get to get pleasure from a colorized model of the rock due to the eager eyes of image processor Andrea Luck. Luck shared the humorous formation on Twitter on Tuesday.

The rover photographed the rock at an ideal angle so it resembles a duck floating within the water and turning its head to look over its again. NASA has found marsquakes on the pink planet, however this can be the primary instance of a marsquack. 

The Martian duck fails the basic “if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck” take a look at as a result of it would not stroll, discuss or swim. It simply sits there being a rock, toying with our imaginations.

Curiosity has been busy exploring an extremely scenic area of the Gale Crater full of untamed and fantastic formations. Scientists have an interest within the salty minerals discovered there and what it tells them in regards to the planet’s historical past of water. The rover is in search of indicators of natural molecules because it investigates whether or not Mars might need as soon as been liveable for microbial life.

Curiosity has been in residence at Mars since 2012, delivering excellent science knowledge and charming photographs from the inhospitable planet. There could also be no geese on Mars, however a minimum of there is a duck rock, and that is price celebrating. Recommended soundtrack music: Bizarre Al Yankovic’s I Need a New Duck.

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