It is a nightmare situation. You are on an bold mountain hike if you get misplaced, injured or stranded. The excellent news is assistance is lastly on the best way, however the dangerous information is it is going to take time to succeed in you and also you’re out of meals. That is when a buzzing drone comes flying in for a touchdown. Not solely do you get the snacks, drugs or water it is carrying, you possibly can eat the wings to tide you over till the rescue group arrives.

This situation might turn into actual. A group with the Swiss Federal Institute of Expertise, Lausanne (EPFL) has developed a prototype edible drone. The munchable machine is a part of a broader challenge known as RoboFood. RoboFood is about investigating edible robots for people and animals in addition to meals that behave like robots.

The team published its work online with the title “In direction of edible drones for rescue missions: design and flight of dietary wings.” The examine is tackling the issue of getting business drones to hold sufficient of a payload to assist folks in emergency conditions.

The design makes use of some familiar-looking airplane-like parts, however the large distinction is that the mounted wing is made out of rice desserts and gelatin that collectively pack 300 energy. IEEE Spectrum spoke with lead author Bokeon Kwak who mentioned the drone “tastes like a crunchy rice crisp cookie with a bit contact of uncooked gelatin.” For those who’re stranded and hungry, it will most likely be scrumptious.   

The edible drone took a profitable take a look at flight.


To make the wings, the researchers trimmed up spherical rice desserts utilizing a laser cutter and glued them along with gelatin to create a wing construction that would maintain as much as flight. The rice is powerful, however light-weight and nonetheless fairly nutritious. The drone could be a one-way proposition, however the partially edible nature means there would not be numerous particles left behind.

The concept of edible drones has been kicking round for years. We met a chocolate quadcopter again in 2014 and a UK aerospace firm talked up an edible drone called Pouncer in 2017. It appears Pouncer hasn’t made it into manufacturing, however the basic idea is alive and properly with the rice-cake-wing drone.

The edible-drone group intends to research methods to make the drone extra nutritious and see if it might add extra edible parts to the design. It doesn’t matter what you consider rice desserts as a meals, in a troublesome scenario, they might be like manna from heaven.

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