We’re past the midway level in Star Wars sequence Andor. Episode 7 landed on Disney Plus on Wednesday. After successfully stealing millions of credits from the Empire as a part of a significant insurgent heist, Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) turned down a proposal to betray his new allies and run off with the cash.

Distraught after killing his would-be accomplice in crime, he goes it alone once more. We all know he’ll be again with the rebels ultimately although, since that is all a part of his journey to turning into the morally questionable hero we meet in Rogue One.

On galactic capital Coruscant, Cassian’s past crimes have additionally drawn the eye of Imperial Safety Bureau Supervisor Dedra Meero (Denise Gough), who’s been dragged into work after hours because the Empire prepares for a horrible totalitarian safety crackdown following the heist. Disgraced ex-security officer Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) can also be nursing a grudge towards our hero.

None of them know that the rise up is being quietly run by Senator Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) and recruiter Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård).

Andor takes place 5 years earlier than Rogue One, which revealed what occurred instantly earlier than unique Star Wars film A New Hope. Proceed in the event you’re keen to affix Cassian on his journey into episode 7 SPOILERS.



FERRIX — Reunites together with his adoptive mother Maarva (Fiona Shaw) Cassian tries to get her and lovable droid B2EMO (AKA Bee) to flee the damp industrial world with him and use his minimize of the heist cash to stay a lifetime of luxurious. Given the elevated Imperial presence, it looks as if the very best transfer.

Nevertheless, Maarva has been energized by information of the heist (although she’s unaware of Cassian’s involvement) and the sense that somebody is lastly standing as much as the Empire, so she decides to stay round and assist the rise up one way or the other.

A crowd watches lines of clone troopers on a muddy street in Andor

Clones march via the streets of Ferrix on this episode’s flashback.


We additionally get some harrowing flashbacks to 13 years in the past, within the period instantly after the Empire’s rise in Revenge of the Sith. Cassian’s adoptive dad Clem tries to calm a rebellious state of affairs, and apparently prefer it obtained him killed by the clone troopers. The picture of him hanging within the city sq. (as Luthen alluded to) is reasonably darkish and unhappy.

Cassian attacked the troopers within the aftermath, and that is what obtained him despatched to jail as a teen. Maarva is clearly haunted by the incident, and it looks as if a correct rise up is precisely what she wants. Hopefully, it does not get her killed.  

Our hero additionally has a quick reunion with pal/former flame Bix Caleen (Adria Arjona) to repay all his money owed to folks on Ferrix, reminding us that he is a essentially first rate man earlier than he will get the heck off the planet. He additionally asks her to let Luthen know he held up his end of their deal

The Empire Strikes Again

CORUSCANT — Emperor Palpatine is deeply sad concerning the insurgent heist, and Imperial Safety Bureau Col. Wullf Yularen (Malcolm Sinclair) declares the Public Order Resentencing Directive (PORD, which is enjoyable to say), which cracks down on rebellious exercise, ensures harsher sentencing for every kind of crimes and just about empowers the company to do regardless of the heck it likes. Dangerous instances forward.

“The one query we have to reply is how tight to shut our fist,” he says ominously.

You would possibly keep in mind Yularen for his transient look beside the man Darth Vader chokes in the Death Star conference room in A New Hope (he meets his finish when the Imperial superweapon is blown up). He was additionally a daily ally of the Republic heroes in The Clone Wars and showed up in Rebels too. 

Dedra reckons they’re enjoying proper into the rebels’ palms, because the bigwigs are nonetheless treating it like a typical theft reasonably than a rise up. The tough response is prone to drive extra extraordinary folks to withstand.

Dedra Meero looks cautious as she walks through a white room in Andor

Dedra Meero seizes energy.


Her ISB rival in the end calls her out in a tense assembly, she admits to utilizing the brand new regulation to collect information exterior her jurisdiction and show it factors to an organized rise up. Her gambit works; the Morlana sector is reassigned to her so she will be able to take a more in-depth have a look at Ferrix.

“Nicely performed,” her boss Main Partagaz (Anton Lesser) says afterward. “Watch your again.”

We have some tasty Imperial backstabbery forward methinks. They’re all so terrible and I really like them — please give us a Disney Plus “Imply Imperials” present.

Insurrection’s darkish aspect

When Mon Mothma visits insurgent co-conspirator Luthen Rael in his vintage store, we study that he set the heist in movement with out her data. The cash was just one profit; a brazen marketing campaign was additionally designed to pressure the Empire to react in the one manner it may possibly: with harsh totalitarian means. 

“The Empire is choking us so slowly we have began to not discover,” he says, flipping backwards and forwards between his foppish persona and his actual self to keep away from making Mon’s driver suspicious.

Luthen Rael and Mon Mothma chat in Andor

Issues get heated between Luthen Rael and Mon Mothma.


He needs to wake extraordinary folks as much as the regime’s evil, which can probably convey extra recruits to the rise up. The struggling these strategies trigger is appropriate.

It seems that Cassian is one other acceptable loss when his former heist buddy Vel Sartha (Faye Marsay) arrives on Coruscant. She’s a real believer within the rise up, and Luthen’s assistant/confidant Kleya Marki (Elizabeth Dulau) duties her with killing Cassian as a result of he can determine Luthen to the Empire. Looks like the sort of follow Palpatine would interact in, effectively performed rebels.

Robust politics

Throughout a lavish gathering at her house, Mon hangs out with banker buddy Tay Kolma (Ben Miles) and expresses her want that he head up a charitable basis. That is a part of her plan to entry her household fortune, but it surely’s unclear why she was minimize off.

In a scene dripping with subtext, Tay confesses to harboring main anti-Imperial sentiment, and Mon hints that they are on the identical web page with out revealing the depths of her rebellious endeavors. She reveals that her entire political persona is a facade designed to misdirect everybody.

Mon Mothma smiles as she attends as party in Andor.

Mon Mothma is enjoying a harmful political sport.


“I’ve discovered from Palpatine. I present you the stone in my hand, you may miss the knife at your throat,” she says, alluding to the Emperor’s legislative machinations within the prequel trilogy. “As lengthy everybody thinks I am an irritation, there is a good probability they will miss what I am actually doing.”


NIAMOS — The episode’s ultimate main moments discover Cassian on this beautiful seashore world, the place he is obtained a candy pad, a woman pal and goes by Keef Girgo (a reputation so forgettable he fails to reply to it a number of instances). 

Sadly, he is quickly reminded that escaping Imperial oppression is unattainable. On his morning stroll to the shop, a shoretrooper falsely accuses him of being a part of some anti-Imperial exercise and orders a passing KX safety droid to “grasp onto this one” for him.

Unable to understand the trooper’s informal phrasing, the imposing droid hoists Cassian into the air and pins him towards a wall by his neck.

A KX droid looms over Cassian on a beach promenade in Andor

Cassian’s first encounter with an Imperial KX droid is something however nice.


“Dangle,” the droid says darkly. 

Except for the lack to breathe, it probably strikes a further nerve for Cassian since his adoptive father Clem was hanged by the Empire years in the past after he tried to defuse a rebellious state of affairs.

This shut encounter with a KX unit will most likely encourage Cassian to reprogram Okay-2SO, the previous Imperial droid he is buddies with in Rogue One, however that will not occur for one more few years. Their first assembly is depicted in Marvel Comics’ 2017 Cassian & K-2SO Special.  

For now although, Cassian finds himself sentenced to 6 years in jail for civil disruption, anti-Imperial speech, fleeing the scene of anti-Imperial exercise and tried harm to Imperial property. This might’ve been a six-month sentence previous to the post-Aldhani heist crackdown, the bored decide notes, however our boy will get hit with a six-year sentence. Ouch. 

Ought to’ve performed with out the Peezos and Revnog.


The Jedi Temple Guard wore superior armor.


Rogue ideas, unanswered questions and Easter eggs

  • A Jedi Temple Guard’s helmet — which we noticed often in The Clone Wars — is seen on a shelf to Luthen’s left when he is speaking to Mon. A Gungan defend, beforehand seen in The Phantom Menace, may be seen in the back of the shop.
  • Malcolm Sinclair, who portrays Yularen, performed corrupt MI6 part chief Dryden in Casino Royale’s opening sequence. He was James Bond’s second kill on his path to turning into a 00 agent.
  • We verify in on Syril at first and finish of the episode. His mysterious Uncle Harlo will get him a crushingly uninteresting job on the Bureau of Requirements, whose workplaces have main dystopian sci-fi future vibes.
  • Maarva tells Cassian to cease trying to find the sister he left behind on his homeworld Kenari as a result of there have been no survivors on Kenari. It is unclear what occurred there after Maarva and Clem fled with Cassian.
  • This episode features a few transient glimpses at insurgent Cinta Kaz (Varada Sethu), who stayed behind on Aldhani after the heist. She’s making her escape, however the Imperial Star Destroyer’s arrival within the planet’s ambiance is fairly ominous.
  • Tay’s robes is much like those Obi-Wan wore in Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art.
  • Mon confirms that her deeply unlikeable husband Perrin is completely at nighttime about her true goal and cannot be trusted. Appears like a wholesome marriage.

Come again for extra Easter eggs and observations next Wednesday, Oct. 26, when episode eight of Andor hits Disney Plus. Tales of the Jedi, a sequence of shorts in the identical type as The Clone Wars, is touchdown that day too.

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